In elementary school, Picture Day was a big deal for me. I’d plan a special outfit and even a different hairstyle than normal. One year, my mom encouraged me to look like myself. She said friends and family would want a photo of how they knew me. Today, I offer the same advice to people I photograph.

So what if, like me, you wear your hair straight some days and curly on others? That was the dilemma for a high school senior I photographed last July. The solution? A photoshoot with straight hair in the morning and a second shoot with curly hair later that day.

The day was hot and humid, but Rachel and her mom were upbeat and great sports. It was a joy to photograph Rachel!

Fun side story: As noted in an earlier blog post, my other passion is teaching. I got to know Rachel’s mom from school after substitute teaching for her class on many occasions. We learned we had one of those “it’s a small world” connections when we discovered her family is good friends with a family that goes way back with mine. (See April 27, 2016 post.) In fact, the daughters from both families, Rachel and Greta, are very close friends. I love it when my worlds collide.

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