Newborn photography is not like it was several decades ago when the hospital would throw a blanket over a baby carrier in front of a backdrop and call it a day. Photographers now specialize in pregnancy and newborn photography.

I love babies, but this is not my area of expertise. However, soon after a friend announced she was expecting, she asked me to do the newborn photos. I immediately turned down the job, suggesting someone who focuses on this area would be more fit when the arrival time came.

But she insisted she wanted me and talked me into it. For the next half year, I researched newborn photography. I watched videos and followed conversations on  forums to prepare me for this shoot.

This little man was four days old when I photographed him in his grandparents’ home (I was so fortunate with the location). He was a doll, and did such a good job for me. He even grinned for me...okay, it was probably gas, but in my book it was a grin.

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